Have you ever called the bank and left a message not to be called back? I pride myself on always getting back to my clients as soon as possible and answering all their questions to the best of my abilities. My name is Scott Robson Mortgage Broker and welcome to my website. Enjoy!

Working with Scott on my mortgage was an absolute pleasure.  I had contacted two other brokers before I met him, but I chose to do business with Scott because he took the time to completely understand my situation and he made recommendations that neither of the other two had even considered.  Scott went above and beyond in providing detailed information, answering hundreds of questions, and ensuring every aspect of my purchase was handled properly.
I can honestly say that without Scott’s help, I wouldn’t be a homeowner today.

I would highly recommend Scott if you are looking for someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable and ultimately cares about what’s best for you.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future."



I Just want to thank you once again for your outstanding service in securing me a Mortgage that even my own Bank would not consider and I had been with them for over 40 years.

What is disturbing is that even if you have been with your Bank for eons and never missed a payment for any loan you have undertaken with them they will not go that extra step in trying to help you out of a dire financial situation.

They talk the talk but they are so tied up with their own rules and regulations that they just can not stray from the norm.

Thank heavens for the internet as it now provides one with a wealth of information where you can go for help in finding the type of firm that can help you in your own special financial situation.

I had never heard of Northwood Mortgage Ltd before I found them on the internet and reviewed all the excellent information they provided in their website.

What impressed me most of all were the client testimonials highlighting the efforts made by the agents of Northwood Mortgage to help their clients and judging by what you have done for me Scott, the people of Northwood Mortgage are exceptional.

After my mortgage application had been turned down by my own bank I knew I could not approach another bank as I would have been turned down again so I turned to Northwood hoping they could help me out.

I called you on 23 Jan 2010 and you could not have been more respectful or understanding of my situation and you listened very carefully to what I had to say and understood what I was going through in trying to find a firm that would help.

What you did for me in trying to find a lender goes beyond the call of duty but you never gave up trying and you were always so positive in your attitude towards finding me a Mortgage the would be well suited to my needs.

The Mortgage you found for me was even better than I ever thought it would be and you made sure that you provided me with enough funds so that I would not find myself in the same financial situation again.

Actually Scott, you have provided me with such peace of mind that it's like I am starting a new lease on life without a giant weight on my back.

I know how hard you went to bat for me and how difficult it was for you to find anyone who would consider providing me with a mortgage but it was you persistence, your knowledge and your positive and professional attitude that changed the mind of you lenders and for that I will always be grateful.

Please be sure to send me some of your Business cards as I will be pleased to hand them out to anyone I know who is looking for a Mortgage including my Bank Manager in Montreal!

Thank you for being such a special person Scott - I feel I have met a real friend.

Northwood Mortgage Ltd should be proud of your accomplishments and all that you do to serve you customers and in the exceptional person that you are.




My husband and I walked into Northwood mortgage two years ago and met Scott Robson. He gave us step by step instructions on how to obtain our first mortgage. We followed everything he told us to do and are now purchasing our first home. Scott was able to get us the best mortgage rate around he also fully explain all of our options, he always returned our calls promptly even after business hours. I have highly recommended him to friends and family who are in need of renewing their mortgages with the utmost confidence that they will be very satisfied and well taken care of. If you are looking for a knowledgeable friendly, honest, and dedicated mortgage broker Scott Robson is your guy.

Thank you Scott
The Murrays


Mortgage shopping can be confusing, luckily for me I was referred to Northwood Mortgage Ltd. and worked with Scott Robson, a mortgage agent. Scott was patient, knowledgeable, and willing to answer all my questions and believe me there were many!

His calm and supportive approach was greatly appreciated in alleviating the stress of being a first time home purchaser. Scott is an excellent agent and is very compassionate and experienced in the field. He understands the needs of his clients and assists in every aspect to make the journey of financing a home less complex.

Put yourself in the wonderful hands of Scott Robson-you will not be disappointed! I have passed on the word to all of my friends to speak to Scott for their mortgage needs.

I thank you, Scott, for all your assistance and for taking care of me!



Thank-you for putting this together for Tatjana and I, it really has lifted a huge weight off our shoulders. We look at this as a second chance being fiscally prudent. I will refer as much business as I can and you can count our business for the foreseeable future.



Back in April of this year, I was still months away from the closing date of my new home. I had seen the mortgage rates posted on the Northwood Mortgage website which were consistently lower than those posted by the banks. I was referred to Scott by my brother in April of 2010. I had already been pre-approved by one of the big banks but was not sure that they were the best choice out there. When I met with Scott, he did not pressure me to go through him at all.

During our first meeting, Scott listened to me and what I was looking for in order to save money in the future. Scott took time to show me the various scenarios in terms of payment options and different payment amounts.

In the end, I decided to go with Scott as he was organized and remembered all the details we had discussed. Furthermore, Scott made me feel like a client and made me feel like I mattered to him instead of treating me like a number. The Bank I had dealt with forgot all the information I provided them many months earlier and when they were making a presentation to me, they got it all information wrong. The bank’s excuse for being so sloppy and forgetful was that the mobile mortgage specialist has so many clients that he could not possibly remember all my details.

Even after my initial meeting with Scott, I was not sure if I wanted to go with him, but he still kept in touch with me and remembered all the information I gave him. He is very patient and never pressures you to go with him. He takes the time to walk you through all the different scenarios and tries to help you do what’s best for you.

If you have talked to a bank and are thinking of going with them, go see Scott before making a decision, he makes you feel important.



He will do ANYTHING for that perfect mortgage. I'm still recovering from the shock to my moral fibers from the things he did for ours. Then I realize that I'm enjoying a below prime variable rate mortgage beauty and the shock subsides.

Thanks Scott.
Alexander and Alina


I was originally referred to Scott from a client/friend of mine who had used his services from the initial outset I felt good about Scott as he presented himself as a true professional, and very knowledgeable in his field. Since that time, I have worked with him on several files and have found him to be highly efficient, and generally speaking above the crowd in his customer service, especially with the tougher files that I have presented to him. He has a strong work ethic, which is absolutely required in the competitive field of Real Estate. You are in good hand with Scott, I guarantee it!

Peter C. Geibel, Broker


Starting out my career I wanted to partner myself with other young professionals who work in similar industries. Scott and I were introduced by a mutual friend who I cannot thank enough! He’s always on the ball and continues to go above and beyond his duties trying to further his career and those around him. I refer all my clients with mortgage needs to Scott knowing that he will do everything in his power to find the perfect mortgage for them!!!!!

Tristan James Mitchell Anderson
Financial Security Advisor Freedom 55 Financial